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Manage everything in one place with our peerless keyword optimization tool, advanced automation, and bulk operations features to save time.

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Sign in with Your Apple Account

    • Maximized app discovery, continuous growth

      Drive more conversion to your app by leveraging paid growth. Start getting more installs with the power of Apple Search Ads.

      Complete integration with Apple Search Ads

      Easily integrate your Apple Search Ads account with Migrate all of your campaigns to our campaign management tool & level up your Apple Search Ads strategy.

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    • Apple Search Ads Funnel Tracking

      Track your entire user acquisition funnel with crucial metrics such as ROAS, ARPU, CPI, and revenue. See exactly your ad spend and return on a single dashboard.

      Custom Goal Tracking

      Determine your own goals based on your KPIs and track them to see your real performance. Choose any in-app event as your goal and analyze the effect of your campaign efforts on your custom goals.

      Data Discrepancies Solved

      Enable re-attribution to distinguish your returning users from the new ones and to uncover the differences between their KPIs.

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    Discover the Best Performing Keywords and Scale Faster

    • Organic Keyword Hunt

      Uncover the organic keywords that your competitors are ranking for. Analyze your competitors’ rankings, keyword popularity, and difficulty of each keyword to immediately run ads on them.

      Keyword Auction Insights

      Go beyond the discovery campaigns! See the top Search Ads advertisers and their Search Ads visibility scores. Discover the paid keywords of every app with the impression shares or type a keyword and see who’s running ads on it to fine-tune your strategy.

      Keyword Advisor

      Automatically find high-intent keywords for your campaigns. Just say your app, your competitors,and your target country to the Keyword Advisor. It will deliver the keywords that will boost your downloads.

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    Optimize Your Bids and Campaign Management with Smart Tools

    • Smart Bidding

      Eliminate wasted ad spend by bidding the right amount for the right keywords. Improve UA and cost forecast accuracy knowing you’re in control of campaign-level CPA. Validate keywords and iterate faster by setting a Scale-Up Traffic goal. Save time from monitoring and adjusting bids manually and focus more on your messaging and creative strategy.

      Quick Campaign Set-up

      Build Apple Search Ads Campaigns in 3 clicks! Don’t waste your time and money waiting, get a quick start to Apple Search Ads and boost your mobile growth!

      Automation Rules

      Set up automation rules to optimize your bid amount, freeze campaigns or add negative keywords to make sure your campaigns are always optimized.

      Bulk Operations

      Modify all your keywords in bulk to save time. Increase or decrease the bid on a group of keywords, put them all on pause or move to another ad group.

      Advanced Filtering

      Quickly filter a keyword under an ad group of a campaign. Pick the most important metrics for your campaigns from 30+ options such as cohort analysis, ROAS, CPI, etc.

      Duplicate Keywords

      Never compete with your own bid! Detect and remove duplicate keywords instantly to prevent budget waste.

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    Take full control over your Apple Search Ads Performance

    • Smart Notifications

      Get notified of sudden changes in your Apple Search Ads Campaigns. Save time looking at dashboards to spot important changes. Detect low-performing campaigns and act faster with smart recommendations. Scale ad budget with confidence knowing your campaigns are being monitored 24/7.


      Let our Grader review your campaigns and share point out improvement areas. Move faster with recommendations and improve campaign performance.


      See the recommended actions for your bids, keywords, daily caps, and budget. Increase/decrease or pause bids for recommended keywords with a single click.


      See the average TTR, CR, CPT, and CPA for your category to see how you stack up against competitors. Learn the industry benchmarks for different storefronts to fine-tune your marketing channel mix.

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    Uncover the real metrics with advanced monitoring

    • Category & Keyword Ranking

      See the correlation between your app’s category ranking and your key metrics such as impression, spend, install, and more. Analyze how your Apple Search Ads keyword affects your organic ranking through the App Store search for that keyword to make better decisions.

      Cohort Analysis

      Analyze your revenue and ROAS over time with cohort analysis. Check out day 1, 3, 7, 14, and 30 ROAS & revenue to better understand the return of your Apple Search Ads efforts and get insights on how to improve your strategy.

      Multiple Goal Monitoring

      Track all the goals that match your KPIs on a single dashboard. Analyze the adjusted metrics for each goal and use automation rules for any of them to ease your campaign management efforts.

      Preset View

      Tailor to your needs. Choose the metrics you care about and change the order of them to personalize the dashboard for an easier campaign management experience.

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