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January 28th, 11:30 AM EST

Apple Search Ads: What to Expect in 2021

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Digging into tracking issues in the light of iOS 14 updates and uncovering the power of creative sets

When utilized with the right strategy, Apple Search Ads, a rather challenging acquisition channel, elevates the power and reach of your campaigns.

Thomas Petit, a credible Growth Consultant specialized in Apple Search Ads will be guiding us through creative sets, mobile measurement providers & discrepancies, and will answer any and all of your questions live!

Outline of the Panel:

Creative Sets: Why, How, and Coping With The Issues:

  1. Why A/B Testing Works Wonders
  2. How to Maximize Apple Search Ads Efficiency
  3. The Issues with Creative Sets
    • Limitation to Create
    • Custom Report Data
    • Language Bias
    • Delivery Distribution
    • Q4 - 2020 Bug
    • Lack of Dark Mode Reporting
    • Impact of App Store Optimization Listing

MMP Discrepancy: Why It Happens, What are the Trade-Off Options?

  1. A Huge Gap in Reporting
  2. iOS14 in 2020
    • Where is my LAT?
    • How Incrementality Testing helps you modelize the invisible impact of Apple Search Ads.
    • Get prepared for the AdServices framework! What do you need to know?

Q&A: Ask Thomas anything Apple Search Ads

Thomas Petit

Growth Consultant

Yusuf Barutcu

Apple Search Ads Advisor at

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