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April 12th, 04:00 PM EDT

Apple Search Ads: Unlock Your Full Potential of Growth

Learn to run Apple Search Ads insightfully with success-proven methods

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We've brought together the industry experts from, Adjust and AppLovin, to provide actionable insights and elevate your app growth in 2022.

What You'll Learn:

  • Running Apple Search Ads insightfully with success-proven methods
  • Role of Apple Search Ads campaigns in mobile user acquisition
  • Key points and metrics to look at while setting up an Apple Search Ads campaign
  • Mobile app retention, monetization, and long-term sustainability in user acquisition
  • Role of ASO in Apple Search Ads campaigns
  • Why is it essential to work with a mobile measurement platform to optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns?
  • The importance of measurement in 2022 for Apple Search Ads and more!

Alptug Ika

Head of Apple Ads Client Partner at

Reggie Singh

Director of Partnerships at Adjust

Jerome Turnbull

VP of Growth at AppLovin

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