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Complete Toolset for Search Ads

Automation Rules
Choose from 40+ different Automation rules to automatically optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns.
Save time with Automations and always stay ahead!
Automate your campaigns and let the dashboard do the heavy lifting for you. Set up automations that will adjust your bid to meet your KPI’s.
Custom Alerts
Create highly customizable alerts for your Search Ads campaigns to instantly get notified about the slightest changes. 
Next-level Reporting Options
Use the wide scope of alert and reporting options to know everything that’s going on with your app!
CSV Export and API
Export all reports generated on the dashboard for advanced reporting and rely on our API for world-class data points.
API Documentation
Contact your dedicated account manager to get more information about API.
Custom Reporting
Build custom reports that can measure your organic and paid performance.
Report Builder
Get assistance from our team on building custom reports.

What we like best about Mobile Action is their willingness to understand our unique needs and promptly build a great solution, they are truly great partners.
Sagi Dekel
Mobile Marketing Expert, Playtika