Designed to step you up in the competition

Search Ads Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Analysis
Adjust your Apple Search Ads strategy based on competitor data.
Competitor Data for Better Decision Making
Make informed decisions about which keywords you want to bid on or how much you should bid on each keyword by analyzing your competitors.
Ad Keyword Spy
Find out which keywords your competitors are bidding on. See their Impression Share on each keyword to understand how much of the impressions are shared between different competitors and adjust your strategy based on that.
Spy on Paid Keywords
Search for any app in the market to see which keywords they run Apple Search Ads on. Check their impression share to adjust your bidding strategy
Organic Keyword Hunt
Check out all the organic keywords an app is ranking for alongside vital ASO and Apple Search Ads metrics.
Hunting Keywords
Use this data to instantly run Apple Search Ads. Pick the highest traffic organic keywords to boost your installs and overall visibility.
Keyword Cart
Add keywords you have found on the Ad Keyword Spy and Organic Keyword Hunt pages easily to your Keyword Cart and instantly start bidding on those keywords. Save money and time by reducing the focus on discovery campaigns.
Using the Keyword Cart
You can add keywords to your keyword cart from the Ad Keyword Spy and Organic Keyword Hunt modules.