The cherry on top…

AI-Based Real-time 

Bid Optimization

The new generation of disruptive Search Ads Campaign Optimization.

How it Works?

Choose your KPI
First, choose one of the three KPI options: Acquisition, CPA or Maximum ROI Oriented.

Organic & Paid Keyword Analysis
Based on your app’s critical rankings we generate the first set of high performance keywords.

Competition Analysis
We evaluate the conditions created by your competitors’ impression shares on selected keywords.

Discovery campaigns
We run sample low-budget campaigns to determine the true potential of selected keywords.

Constant measurement
Considering vital metrics such as CPA, TTR, Impressions, ROI, CPT and CR, we constantly measure the relevancy of the keywords.

Real-Time Bidding
We adjust the bid amounts of your campaigns based on a special function of dynamic recalculation in real-time.

Stepping up the service level…

The current structure in the Search Ads Management market is limited to manage only a few attributes of mobile marketing. We, with our revolutionary AI-Based Realtime Bid Optimization, step up the service structure into a whole new level…

This revolutionary tool is in beta testing now.

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