Integrating with Singular

Integrating with Singular

Step #1

Please login to your Singular account and under the heading ‘Attribution’, select, ‘Partner Configuration’.

Step #2

Use the filter at the top left of the page and search for ‘searchads’ and find the by MobileAction.

Step #3

Select ‘Add site’, or simply click the displayed partner and select ‘Edit’.

Step #4

The configuration window will pop-up. Here you will be required to fill some fields in.

For the App and Site field, please enter your App name and site respectively.

Step #5

Regarding the API Key field, please login to on a separate tab. From the right, select “Attribution” and click on “Show Steps” button under the Singular icon.

Step #6

A pop-up will appear where you will see an ‘API Key’. Copy this and paste it in the configuration window on Singular, in the “App-specific configuration – API Key” field.

Step #7

For event-post backs, you should select the ‘Only if install was attributed to by Mobile Action’ option from the drop-down menu.

Step #8

Next, you will have to map your in-app events:

  • Select In-App (SDK) Event Name exactly the same as the name used in the SDK, and map it to Event Name (or event ID) provided by the partner.
  • Check the Send Revenue check box for relevant events. If the box is not checked, the postback will only send counts of the event.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully integrated your Singular account with

As soon as in-app events start to come through Singular, you’ll also be able to see them on the dashboard.

Keep in mind that you should repeat these steps for every app you want to integrate!

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