Unburden Your Workload with 3 New Features of SearchAds.com
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Aysenur Altunay

SearchAds.com launches the most efficient features on its platform to ease your work and help you use your time more efficiently. This is a fast-changing environment and as a team, we are aware tha...

duplicate keywords searchads
Apple Search Ads Made Easy! – Introducing Duplicate Keywords Feature
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Pinar Guler

Veterans of Apple Search Ads will know that the first few steps to get started may seem daunting. However, those steps are actually the easiest part. When you want to take your Apple Search Ads eff...

custom columns
Save Hours with SearchAds.com’s Custom Columns Feature
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Pinar Guler

As a leading Apple Search Ads campaign management platform, SearchAds.com has the most essential and advanced features to make your campaigns a success. Yet, we have realized that some user acquisi...

search term automation rules
How to Use Search Term Automation Rules to Optimize Apple Search Ads
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Pinar Guler

As an Apple Search Ads expert, you’ve probably run many discovery campaigns to get some good keyword recommendations. Surely, it is the right way to kick-start your Apple Search Ads journey since i...

searchads.com dashboard
Maximize your ROI with SearchAds.com’s New Features
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Pinar Guler

The last quarter of 2019 was quite a busy one for the SearchAds.com team. We have completely revamped our dashboard to provide you with the most user-friendly campaign management and reporting tool...

Setting up Custom Conversions on SearchAds.com Fetured Image
Setting up Custom Conversions on SearchAds.com
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Su Kaygun

Setting up Custom Conversions on SearchAds.com Custom conversions are created so you can track exactly how much return you’re getting from your advertisements, better understand KPIs and ROIs. In o...

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