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How to run a Discovery Campaign on Apple Search Ads
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Claire McIntosh

Apple Search Ads discovery campaigns are an important part of mobile app user acquisition. App store search ads require a lot of tinkering with ASO and optimizing keywords in order to be the benefi...

Funnels Page: See the Breakdown of Your Data, Compare Easily
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Aysenur Altunay platform allows you to see the Apple Search Ads and Mobile Measurement Partners data in one single dashboard, and thus allows you to make your data analysis quicker and easier. But wh...

How to Use Apple Search Ads Creative Sets to Improve Ad Performance?
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Zehra Cetinel

As most of you should know, keywords are not the only way to utilize Apple Search Ads. There are many other ways you can do to boost your app. Even you create the best campaigns and set up the opti...

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Cannibalization in Apple Search Ads: Should you bid on your brand keywords?
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Claire McIntosh

Should you be bidding on your brand keywords in Apple Search Ads? If you have a strong brand and a well-known company already – what’s the point? If you are ranking first with brand recogniti...

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How does the App Store Search Algorithm Work?
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Zehra Cetinel

App Store Search had become one of the most crucial terms of mobile marketing. 3.5 billion people have been estimated to have access to app stores directly through their mobile phones. Those number...

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Understanding Keyword Match Types in Apple Search Ads
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Irmak Karademir

App Store is one of the best platforms to bring your app together with the right users. Considering there is a lot of competition within the App Store, making your app visible on App Store might se...

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ROAS Measurement in Apple Search Ads
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Mehmet Can Cavas

Apple Search Ads is a powerful tool to increase your growth. Through a carefully designed campaign, it is possible to grow your user base and increase your revenue. However, you should be very care...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Apple Search Ads
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Claire McIntosh

Ready to take marketing your app to the next level? Don’t know where to start? Apple Search Ads might be a good place. Apple Search Ads is an acquisition channel. This Channel connects advertisers ...

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