apple search ads best practices finding keywords
Apple Search Ads Keywords: Best Practices
Mehmet Can Cavas avatar
Mehmet Can Cavas

Apple Search Ads is a great tool to have in your app marketing strategy. As the platform makes it possible to reach a highly relevant audience, conversion rates are rather high. Apple Search Ads wo...

user acquisition funnel
Apple Search Ads Optimization Based On User Acquisition Funnel
Gizem Bugdayci avatar
Gizem Bugdayci

Apple Search Ads, undoubtedly, is one of the most-effective user acquisition channels. You can promote your app by ranking at the top of the search results and gaining qualified users accordingly. ...

asa cover value based
Creating a Value-Based Account Structure for Apple Search Ads
Claire McIntosh avatar
Claire McIntosh

When it comes to Apple Search Ads, building a structure is half the work! We would like to keep you updated on the Apple Search Ads best practices. And we want to make sure you have all the sources...

apple search ads basic and advanced
Apple Search Ads Basic VS Advanced
Claire McIntosh avatar
Claire McIntosh

Apple Search Ads Basic and Advanced… What’s the difference anyway? Which one should you choose? The first question you need to ask yourself is this: Do you work with apps on the App Store?  Ap...

user acquisition search ads
User Acquisition: Utilizing
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Mehmet Can Cavas

Apple Search Ads is a terrific ad network for user acquisition. The way the platform works results in high conversion rates due to interested and relevant audiences. But what if we told you that Ap...

discovery campaign cover
How to run a Discovery Campaign on Apple Search Ads
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Claire McIntosh

Apple Search Ads discovery campaigns are an important part of mobile app user acquisition. App store search ads require a lot of tinkering with ASO and optimizing keywords in order to be the benefi...

funnel page
Funnels Page: See the Breakdown of Your Data, Compare Easily
Aysenur Altunay avatar
Aysenur Altunay platform allows you to see the Apple Search Ads and Mobile Measurement Partners data in one single dashboard, and thus allows you to make your data analysis quicker and easier. But wh...

How to Use Apple Search Ads Creative Sets to Improve Ad Performance?
Zehra Cetinel avatar
Zehra Cetinel

As most of you should know, keywords are not the only way to utilize Apple Search Ads. There are many other ways you can do to boost your app. Even you create the best campaigns and set up the opti...

Apple Search Ads Budget: Reaching Maximum Efficiency
Mehmet Can Cavas avatar
Mehmet Can Cavas

Apple Search Ads is a powerful user acquisition channel. When used correctly, it can significantly increase your app growth and your revenue. You can check out our best practices post on Apple Sear...

cannibalization cover
Cannibalization in Apple Search Ads: Should you bid on your brand keywords?
Claire McIntosh avatar
Claire McIntosh

Should you be bidding on your brand keywords in Apple Search Ads? If you have a strong brand and a well-known company already – what’s the point? If you are ranking first with brand recogniti...

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