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kochava integration
How to Setup Kochava Integration for Apple Search Ads.
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Su Kaygun

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the integration process of Kochava with

branch integration
Integrating with Branch
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Su Kaygun

Integrating with the attribution partner branch is pretty simple. Simply, follow the steps below to complete your integration and start tracking your ROAS. Step #1 Login to your Searc...

adjust integration
Integrating with Adjust
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Su Kaygun

How to Setup adjust Integration for Apple Search Ads. Step #1 Login to your adjust account here. Step #2 To initiate the integration of one of your apps, go to the ‘Partner Setup’ ...

appsflyer integration
Integrating with Appsflyer
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Su Kaygun

Currently, AppsFlyer integration with can only be done with the integrated partners method.  All users can use this method but the integrated partners method is restricted to one...

Apple Search Ads Basics
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Ali Bozkurt

Almost one year has passed since Apple launched its groundbreaking product; Apple Search Ads. At first, it was viewed as a reskinned version of Google AdWords but as Search Ads became increasingly ...

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