The Impact of Ad Variations in Apple Search Ads: First Results!
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Talip Sencan

The introduction of ad variations using custom product pages was one of the most significant developments for Apple Search Ads marketers. By creating different combinations of their App Store listi...

Track & Optimize your Campaigns with Performance Alerts
Never Lose Track of Your Apple Search Ads Campaigns with Performance Alerts!
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Hazel Kucuk

No doubt, it’s every app marketer’s wish to be able to manage well-performing campaigns from the day they have started running them out. Still, the process of optimizing a campaign never comes to a...

Search Term Efficiency
Supercharge Your Keyword Strategy with Search Term Efficiency Report
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Talip Sencan

Monitoring your keyword performance in Apple Search Ads is crucial for running successful campaigns. When running ads on hundreds of keywords, it can be difficult to accurately evaluate your true p...

Maximize Apple Search Ads with Ad Variation
Maximize Your Apple Search Ads Performance with Ad Variations
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Talip Sencan

App marketers have long struggled with utilizing a single product page to convert various groups of users with different intents and expectations. With the launch of Custom Product Pages in the App...

search tab ads
How to Boost Your Growth on the App Store with Search Tab Ads
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Zehra Cetinel

Search tab campaigns have become one of the hottest topics for Apple Search Ads marketers since the new placement launched. There are still many people who have limited knowledge and questions abou... 中文版现已上市!
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Talip Sencan

苹果搜索广告是2021年增长最快的用户获取渠道之一。SearchAds.com是苹果搜索广告的合作伙伴,它使用户能够通过使用管理器卓越的关键词智能、智能自动化功能和个性化推荐,轻松地扩大其广告规模。 为了帮助亚太地区的UA经理和应用程序开发人员,我们使我们的产品更容易获得,更实惠,更可操作。我们很高兴地宣布SearchAds.com除了英语、日语和韩语外,还可以使用中文  ​​ S... Now Available in Chinese!
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Talip Sencan

Apple Search Ads has become one of the fastest-growing user acquisition channels in 2021. As, an Apple Search Ads Partner, we empower user acquisition managers with superior keyword i...

mobile growth
The Fundamentals of Mobile Growth and Apple Search Ads: Series Prologue
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Ahmad Hejazy

As everyone would agree, the more connected the growth strategy of a company is, the better. Here, many factors come into play such as how the organic side is connected with paid search, viral phen...

apple search ads grader
Optimize Apple Search Ads with our Free Grader!
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Mehmet Can Cavas

Our latest survey shows that the adoption rate for Apple Search Ads in 9 popular categories was around 70% in October 2021 for the top 10 most downloaded apps. The only way to stay in this race and...

4 Reasons To Run Apple Search Ads in 2022
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Talip Sencan

2021 is almost over. You tried several ways to increase your download volumes. You tested keywords for App Store Optimization, ran thousands of ad creatives for paid user acquisition, and more. Now...

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