Integrating SearchAds.com with Appsflyer

How to Setup SearchAds.com postback for Apple Search Ads in Appsflyer

Currently AppsFlyer integration with SearchAds.com can only be done with the integrated partners method.  All users can use this method but the integrated partners method is restricted to one campaign group per application.

Integrating SearchAds.com with Appsflyer using the Integrated Partners method.

Step #1

Login to your AppsFlyer account here

Step #2

Select the app you want to integrate as shown on the image below.

Step #3

After you’ve selected the app you want to connect with SearchAds.com, go to the Configuration section on the left-menu on the AppsFlyer dashboard.

Choose integrated partners as shown on the image below and search for Mobile Action – Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner. After that hit the ‘‘Edit’ button to move on to the next step.

Step #4

Fill in the necessary information to complete this step as shown on the image below.

finding your api_key

Go to https://insights.searchads.com/attributions to find your api_key. Simply, choose AppsFlyer and view your details.

You can see your api_key on this menu.

To find your Apple Search Ads Campaign Group either go to the Apple Search Ads dashboard or check it on your SearchAds.com dashboard.

Step #5

Go back to the AppsFlyer dashboard and scroll down the same page. During this step you should first, enter your API Key on the space highlighted in the image below. Secondly, enable In-App Events Postback and check the option ‘send all events including their revenue value’


You should enter your ‘API Key’ into 2 different spots as described in the previous steps. If you miss out on of these, the integration will fail!

After these steps and finally hitting ‘Save’ your integration should be finished. As soon as in-app events start to come through Appsflyer, you’ll also be able to see them on the SearchAds.com dashboard.

Keep in mind that you should repeat these steps for every app you want to integrate.

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